Monday, 20 September 2010

Car Insurance!

Sigh, it's that time of the year again when we've finished the best Summer of our lives and College/University is starting up again, and unluckily for me, my car insurance is due!

As a teenager driving in England it sometimes can be a costly procedure to own and operate a car whilst attending College, with my car alone costing 3 months wages to purchase. On top of that I have Insurance quotes that range from £2000 to anything in excess of £5000.

It seems that, when comparing American teenagers to English ones their insurance quotes are quite a lot cheaper than ours. So i'm going to give tips that i've picked up from the 2 years i've had to buy car insurance:

1) Always, always use comparison websites when trying to find the cheapest car insurance quote, websites such as (, there are some exceptions to this rule that aren't on any comparison websites which you might like to try out (Direct Line, Swiftcover)

2) Offer to pay a higher excess on your insurance which, in the result of an accident would require you to pay more, even if it's your fault or not. But heh who plans on crashing ;)

3) When I first bought my car it didnt have an imobiliser as standard, when comparing my insurance quotes with a car that had one, against a car that didnt. I quickly realised how cost efficient it would be to get one installed and actually saved me over £100 on my insurance!

Hopefully if you follow these tips you could also save some money on your insurance!

Cheers for reading!


  1. Yeah Americans definitely do have much cheaper insurance costs! I feel bad for my relatives in the UK >_< heh